Patient Testimonials*

“Laura Jane at Seasons Women’s Health & Aesthetics is a miracle worker! I can’t believe my results just after one week. I’ve always disliked my skin, From heavy pigment, large pores, & acne. I would use a ton of makeup to try to cover it. BBL has completely changed my face. My freckles are gone, my skin is glowing and... Read More
“It was an easy procedure a little painful but worth it, would do it again.  would definitely recommend this to others. It stopped the degradation of the lichen sclerosis.  Dr. Yamaki is INCREDIBLE & WONDERFUL!!! & the office was fantastic.”
“I gave myself the FemiLift treatment as a birthday present, but it turned out to be an early birthday gift to my husband. Over the years, my stress incontinence had become spontaneous. I now have close to zero events, and I am no longer afraid to hold urine in my bladder.”
“Over the last three months I have received two FemiLift procedures for mild to moderate stress incontinence caused from childbirth and exacerbated by trail running. The procedure itself is short and pretty much pain free. No real down time. I felt a very mild burning sensation for about a day. This morning in order to give a really good assessment... Read More
“I really appreciate the time Dr. Yamaki and her staff spent explaining how the treatments worked and which best fit my needs and expectations.”
“After having the MicroLaser Peel Treatment, my skin’s texture became smoother, more vibrant and even toned. I was pleased with the overall outcome of the treatment.”
“I love the compliments that I am getting after receiving the BBL treatment. My skin looks so refreshed!!!!”
“Before being introduced to Dr. Yamaki’s wonderful Aesthetic staff – I was really concerned with the overall tone and rough texture of my skin. After several Broad-Band Light treatments I have noticed a significant improvement in my pore size, smoothness of my skin and evenness of my skin tone. All the dark hyperpigmentation has lifted away, and my skin has... Read More
“I would highly recommend the Genitone procedure to anyone struggling with the embarrassment of incontinence. Since having the procedure I can exercise, sneeze, cough and lift with confidence! I no longer have to bring extra pairs of panties with me or wear uncomfortable pads when I go out. As my job requires me to be able to lift 50 lbs... Read More
“Thank you for really listening to me as a patient and doing such a wonderful job on my recent surgery. It has made a world of difference already! I am in awe regarding the robotic technique and am pleased you are so engaged in your career, developing the skills necessary with the new technology that is available. Thank you for... Read More