About Our Office

“Best team ever, and feels like home when you visit these nice folks.”D. S.

The name “Seasons – Women’s Health and Aesthetics” was selected because our practice celebrates the different stages of a woman’s life, our diverse cultural backgrounds, and the unique beauty within each of us. We take pride in being able to help patients look and feel their best every day, ultimately giving them an opportunity to live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Dr. Yamaki has been meeting the unique health needs of women for more than 30 years. She is recognized for her concern for the individual, outstanding quality of care, her surgical skills and the highest of practice standards. The practice is committed to providing the highest quality care in a warm, caring and professional environment.

Our office has a reputation of providing “old fashioned” customer service, personalized, and comprehensive care. We feel there is a need and patients deserve this level of care even though health care reforms have been pushing patients into less personalized and very large HMO type systems. Dr. Yamaki is not affiliated with these large organizations because she is not willing to compromise the level of care she provides nor restrict the time afforded to her patients. Despite the frustration of insurance changes and restrictions, many patients reward us by continuing to see us (on a cash basis) even when their insurance no longer pays for their visits. They tell us our services are reasonable, and they feel empowered as they work their health care issues thru the constraints of their insurance network.

For those interested in aesthetics, there are many options and choices which can be tailored to anyone’s individual needs. We also offer some unique ground breaking gynecologic services (developed from the advances in aesthetic medicine) which are very effective and are an affordable solution for select gynecologic issues.